About Us

Lackey Specialty Builders is a specialty home builder in Northern California with 30 years experience in building and designing a variety of custom homes including Tiny Homes and Floating Homes. What sets us apart from other builders is attention to detail. All materials used to build your dream home are eco friendly, in compliance with all building codes, and environmentally safe. We believe that home ownership should be affordable for all.
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Benefits of Buying Tiny

  • Homeowners
    • Units can be built in your backyard as an in-law unit.
    • Rental income can help you pay down or payoff your mortgage in half the time
  • Business owners
    • create a mobile business. Rent in California is exceedingly high with a mobile business you have an opportunity to provide services in some of the most prominent neighborhoods without paying high rental fees
  • NonProfits
    • Be part of the solution by helping with the housing crisis!
    • In Califomia Units can be used as transitional or low-income housing, Government funding is available for organizations with 501c3 status

Our Pricing Structure

  • PLAN 1: 18 ft. 160 sq.ft. of living space exterior 26 sq ft small $40,000.00
  • PLAN 2: 20 ft. 200 sq.ft. of living space w/ loft & full deck Medium $45.000.00
  • PLAN 3: 24 ft. 240 sq.ft. of living space wrap around deck, front and back porch spiral staircase Large $50,000.00

Add On’s

  • Washer/Dryer combo – $1200.00
  • Sunken Tub – $2000.00
  • Cast Iron Tub – $1200.00
  • Retractable Roof – $2000.00
  • French Doors – $750.00

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